CARNIVAL FROM 1960 to 1969

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Pete White's Band Dale Morris and the Furys winners of the Beat contest in 1964. Pete's the one in the shades far right. The band had drive from Portsmouth to take part in the contrest on a fine dry evening.

The band with Carnival Queen Miss Wendy Ockmore

Local News Report

The packet that held the 25 pounds 1st Prize

"Sad to say it was a battle that took many months to actually get to record at Decca which was the main part of the prize. I think it was late in the year before we recorded 2 tracks in what was the same studio that the Moody Blues and PJ Proby used. Nothing came of the recordings. The band continued on in various forms and under various names until 1976 when I emigrated to Florida, and Ray Baker (at the left shoulder of the Carnival Queen) went to live in Australia.
Sadly the Bass Player and the Drummer have both passed away and I am unsure of the other 2. Ray and I still stay in touch. We both still play for fun and I still have the same Strat I used at the Carnival." .............................Pete White

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Grandmother Mrs Gladys Crow as Rupert the Bear who was about 
67yrs old when she took part in the carnival 

Rupert with Loobiloo (John King), Andy Pandy (John McKeeman), 
and Little Red (Joann Musgrove)


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