CARNIVAL FROM 1990 to 1999

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Front row from left, Ann Draycott Queen in 1957, Natalie Waldon Queen of 1990, Judy Rundle (nee Poulter ) Queen in 1956, Eugene Lunn (nee Hastings) Queen in 1958. 


Judy Rundle (nee Poulter) was invited to crown  Natalie Waldon

The Yateley Carnival Queen in the Fleet Procession

Marching Bands

The above three pictures were sent in by Mark Thomas





To celebrate 40 years past Queens travelled in the procession in an open-topped bus. From right of picture, Eugene Lunn (nee Hastings) Queen in 1958, Judy Rundle  ( nee Poulter) Queen in 1956


Children from All Saints Junior School all set for Ascot

The ladies from Fleet Lions are demanding the right to vote.

Carnival Princess Natasha Ford and deputy Princesses Kimberly Harris and Katie Turner wave to the crowd.

Natasha right with Kimberly and Katie


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